2017 Thus Far

New Year, New Me and a bunch of whole new irritations.


How to deal with it? *bump*. Compiling your own driver is the only remedy, I guess.

2. Ubuntu 16.04 won’t run HP’s Beats Audio speakers [by default]

The user must be configure the machine to use speakers. Fortunately, hda-jack-retask (usable after installing alsa-tools-gui) is pretty straightforward to use. Just fire up the panel and set it to look like:


Once set, click on Apply now. Now open the sound settings, check if the speakers have been muted. If so, un-mute them and test.

If everything works, click on Install Boot override and restart and repeat the test (just being cautious).

3. Ubuntu 16.04 shows Wi-Fi is disabled

Seems like Ubuntu 16.04 has a few bugs, perhaps limited to HP’s Ralink corp. RT3290 module.

This bug is pretty common - and yet, no solution is in sight.

There is, however, a workaround. Put your machine to sleep (suspend it) and bring it back up.

Voila! The wi-fi module works!


1. Android 7 and 2G SIM don’t work well together.

I have a Moth G4 Plus and it came with Android 6.1. And my 2G Aircel SIM worked A-okay on it.

But ever since I upgraded to Android 7.0, I keep getting this message:

Restricted access changed - All voice services are blocked.

Basically, I have no inbound or outbound connectivity and anyone who calls me gets the reply “device turned off”.

At first, I did what any frustrated android user would do - restart the device, format it, praise Apple.

But then I started testing things out. 4G SIM cards work fine in my phone, and my 2G SIM works fine in older cell phones. So the problem lies somewhere in the combination of my SIM and cellphone.

After tinkering around for a while in the settings, I finally figured it out. Switching the network mode from 4G (recommended) to 2G solved the issue.

Such a simple solution, but I still have no idea why it happened in the first place.

The End